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Sometimes lesbians like to get a hold of a partner with who to operate a tiny sheep farm in Wales; occasionally whatever you desire is a difficult wet bang from a lovely lady we hardly know within the bathroom of a gay club. We consist of thousands. But how would you make the second happen?

I provide you driving tips and casual sex guidance created off the several years of skanky queer existence experience which have solidified myself as among the top brains for the highly un-scientific field of “Lez Slut-ology.”

The Fundamentals

What’s cruising?

Cruising is certian out into the globe using the particular goal of discovering somebody with whom to possess casual sex. If you message or approach someone only planning to attach, you will be touring. It’s a time-honored gay practice and an abundant element of our very own social history that forgoes respectability politics and homonormative assimilation in support of major expressions of queer sex. Cruising is knowing what you need and definitely seeking it. The phrase is thought to have come from queer people taking walks or driving around community searching for a casual experience.

Though cruising has actually gained prominence as practiced by guys that gender with males, it is not theirs by yourself; dyke communities also have involved with cruising and relaxed gender for a long time.

Where do you ever cruise?

Gay men have numerous cruising hotspots such as for example bathhouses, fame gaps and fitness centers; lesbians have a smaller variety of passionate venues, and far less blatantly sexual ones. As cruising is approximately after your own destinations and thirst, i recommend any occasions or settings the place you understand lady-loving woman hotties are plentiful as a fantastic location to cruise. This consists of:

+ Dyke evenings at the local gay club

+ Pride

+ dancing events

+ Brunch

+ A-Camp

+ A Hayley Kiyoko/Tegan & Sara/Mirah/Melissa Etheridge concert

+ SADO MASO play functions

+ a gay picnic

+ every one of Oakland and San Francisco, really (especially the very last practice automobile on BART)

+ a novel fair

Without a doubt a lot of queers in addition cruise internet based via social media: Instagram, or on dating sites like OKCupid, Tinder, or HER. If you’ve ever seen the Tinder profile of a woman checking for a hookup or a WLW relaxed experiences on Craigslist (RIP personals part), which is a modern type of cruising. Some places have fb teams for neighborhood cruising in which you makes a cruising post stating the desires (look for [City] Queer Cruising!) or you can find instagrams like @_personals_ to which you can easily submit your personal personals advertisement. I am a company believer that Instagram is good for touring via posting thirst barriers and dipping to the DMs of whichever individual I am into that makes a thirsty opinion. Here Is
a whole post regarding it

Thus my wonderful rule is: “If absolutely a hot gay around and you’ren’t at similar, a traumatization middle or a funeral, you’ll cruise here.” Sophisticated golden rule, i am aware.

How will you cruise?

Be ok with it!

We are now living in a community that indoctrinates all of us into assuming that having needs is actually predatory and shameful, which women who want women can be more thus. I believe another large part of it’s that many of united states have experienced predatory conduct and so are really frightened to replicate it. It isn’t predatory to need some one and tell them it. It is not predatory to desire another woman in a purely intimate way. It’s just predatory in case you are getting disrespectful of somebody’s boundaries, body, and personhood. Thus never accomplish that.

As for fears about becoming attractive or self-confident enough, keep in mind that queer desire is complex and multifaceted and plenty of kinds of folks are attracted to many types of men and women and figures; why-not you! It is suggested using anything you think actually self-confident and hot in, that ensemble that just allows you to feel the baddest bitch. And when all else fails, fake the self-confidence because we in all honesty all do this.


Flirting may be the starting point of touring plus one i am aware lots of queers struggle with. I’m sure numerous queer folx, specially ladies, think suspended by this deep anxiety about getting rejected and having over that is the initial step to being a very self-confident cruiser. Being declined doesn’t state such a thing bad in regards to you or all of them plus it doesn’t invalidate your own gayness. I worry rejection as well, but teaching themselves to take it as a likely chance features helped me come to be my finest flirt and created my personal self-confidence various other components of my entire life. What’s important will be not objectifying in the way you communicate with them. If they aren’t into it, appreciate the no, progress, and do not create unusual. If you should be reached by someone you aren’t into, just be sure to handle it how you may wish to end up being declined, give you thanks and politely decrease.

My favorite methods to flirt with or be flirted with by ladies are is complimented — find something you might think is breathtaking, stylish, or appealing about that person and inform them — after which getting them get down to it — request what you are enthusiastic about, be it lots, a night out together, or obtaining screwed in the restroom.

Having Relaxed Sex

How will you actually initiate relaxed gender? In practice: you are out and now have spotted a hottie, and have been flirting by complimenting all of them and talking. Maybe this does not go well; either they aren’t into it or upon deeper connections you aren’t because into all of them while you believed you were. That’s fine; chalk it up on mysteries of life and move on. If they would look equally interested in you, you can easily take the initiative! If it’s a setting like a bar, party or personal event where you are able to feasibly state “do you wish to check-out my personal place/the bathroom/my car/anywhere else we can have intercourse?” you’ll be able to ask that! In case you are in the center of a protest or drag king story hour for kids at 10 am from the public library, perchance you wish require their particular number so you can generate an equivalent suggestion at a far more appropriate time — like obtaining someone’s resources to inquire of them on a night out together, but focusing more about inquiring all of them “i believe you’re truly hot, do you want to appear over Saturday night?” In case you are trying to get fisted in your vehicle into the parking lot on the bar — congrats! — perhaps put on some thing you can slide in and out of easily.

When you arrive at in fact sex, you without a doubt are aware it’s advisable that you communicate basic material about boundaries and permission, although really informal. There is ready directory of what to discuss before sleeping with a stranger, however if it’s something like a medical condition, a boundary, or assessment status, after that positively carry it right up.


“Hey simply so that you know, We have a latex allergic reaction, therefore finger me with nitrile gloves.”

“Kindly make certain you never reach my personal neck. It’s a trigger personally.”

“How lately have you been tested?”

“My partner and I have a guideline about getting no marks from hookups.”

“I really don’t like gentle gender.”

“i have already been analyzed lately and my outcomes returned positive for gonorrhea.”

Femme4Femme Cruising Struggles

Ah yes, the story of my life. Once I was actually requesting insight and concerns with this portion, I got


many questions relating to femme4femme cruising! Cruising as a femme lesbian who would like to have sex together with other femme lesbians is an arduous path stepped by thankless heroes. Femmes are incredibly often designed to feel invisible within society and it helps make our very own needs feel invisible also. On top of that Femme4Femmes don’t have any built-in sex characteristics making flirting a free-for-all.

My personal primary word-of suggestions about this is simply do it; the femme crush isn’t going to know you are a femme fucker unless you inform them! Any time you spend too much time wondering if that pretty woman is a premier or if perhaps she’s only into butches or if she also loves women, you are going to miss out the possible opportunity to really discover the truth. And just contemplate the way you’d feel if another femme don’t try to access you from that same indecision. I undoubtedly walked away from a femme I found myself into without approaching because they had been with a butch or masc, merely to learn decades later via all of them starting up with me that they happened to be indeed mostly into femmes. Anytime someone is hot however’re uncertain, do it. For performance, end up being direct while making the motives and destination in their eyes clear! Passivity is a hindrance to sluttiness.

Getting in the Routine

Cruising is very much about getting all abreast of one another in today, but what about if you want a consistent hookup in the future? Perhaps you know you don’t want a relationship today, but would want to end up being making love on a regular basis and coordinating frequent one-night really stands is a headache. Or you hooked up with some one, think completely pleased once you have become all moist and sweaty together because dark bathroom/the seat of her Subaru/your bed room, and both wish bang each other again sometime. In these situations you can preserve a casual sexual connection and pencil in a sex appointment down-the-line. Should this be the actual situation, take the time to have follow-through on generating plans. As my granny constantly familiar with say, “no self-respecting dyke really wants to fuck a flake, Chingy.”

You can be sincere and kind to some one you are having casual gender with whilst continuing to be completely everyday. It is possible to connect transparently about your situation, needs and objectives (I’m only looking for relaxed dynamics with people right now/it’s difficult for me to-fall asleep during sex along with other people/my work schedule will make it hard to invest in programs too much out/I started watching some one monogamously and cannot attach any longer) so that they don’t feel misled or baffled. You will be polite of their own time by continuing to keep strategies together with them and texting all of them back rapidly. You may be aware of and compassionate about the fact that they’ve things going on within their life besides banging you, and acknowledge that stuff without becoming a primary assistance person inside their life. Often, needless to say, that is a tough border to help keep, or we might find ourselves wanting to know when we like to ensure that it it is anyway. If That’s So, you may possibly be…

Finding Feelings

By far the most issue we heard about when researching this portion was getting thoughts, which whilst not necessarily a terrible part of the huge scheme, tends to be scary, overwhelming, and operate counterintuitive into the whole “friends who just bang and tend to ben’t enchanting” scenario.

How to protect against your self from obtaining romantically in over your face making use of the person you sleep with will be actual with your self, be real with these people, and also to set obvious borders (all of these we moved in my personal post about
navigating polyamory as a non-primary spouse
). If extreme intimacy helps to make the contours blur available, perhaps cannot carry out sleepovers or deep control along with your fuckbuddy. If you have a propensity to capture feelings, study that and know should it be anything you are feeling capable transform or not, of course, if perhaps not, permit your own relaxed recognize. Casual intercourse is not for everybody so thereis no pity in just appreciating solitude or monogamy.

Far too late!

Therefore it is too late. A person already caught feelings. But that doesn’t mean it’s condemned. You will find three ways this case can go depending on that is the Catcher of emotions, and I’ve been on every conclusion of it.

You caught thoughts

It began chill however now you might be maybe slipping for her a little. Tell the truth with your self about it’ll feel so that you could end up being only informal with some body need romantically, along with borders yourself considering that, even in the event it means you end seeing this lady. And cannot count on her feelings to change because your own website did; by doing this is insanity, etc.

They caught feelings

As much as possible inform or she tells you she really wants to be much more and also you learn you never have the same, let her know. End up being immediate as to what you want and give good boundaries if they’ren’t, consequently finishing it if you believe it’s going to create circumstances worse. It really is completely fine as psychologically unavailable providing you are actual about this. I know it has been fun, but ensure you do not lead individuals on

Both of you caught feelings

This package actually isn’t an issue as if you both have emotions you can just be together! Often these relationships normally progress into something new and it catches you both by surprise. Genuine story: I met my personal spouse of 2+ decades due to a really sharp femme4femme cruising blog post I made searching for a certain type world. We played right after which outdated casually and eventually discovered we appreciated each other. In fact, while i’ve perhaps not entered into intimate relationships with every person I’ve cruised, almost all of my personal best romantic connections started as only screwing about.
In doing what I’ve offered you, i am hoping you are going to go out and cruise responsibly with value in your mind, lust in your heart, and a wallet high in gloves (springtime the nitrile; you are worth every penny). Remain thirsty, my gays.

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